The Brewery 

We are a craft brewery and kitchen located in an industrial plaza in the north end of Niagara Falls. We opened our doors in early 2019 with a goal of building community through great craft beer and food.

We produce a wide variety of progressive and inspired beers that range from hazy IPAs, fruited and dry hopped sours, stouts and adjunct stouts, lagers and everything in between.

We offer an eclectic array of house made dishes that showcase both creativity and technical proficiency.

Our service style was created with a casual and social experience in mind. Under normal circumstances (these are far from normal!), you can seat yourself upon arrival, order at the bar when ready and help yourself to cutlery, water, napkins and side plates at our service stations. We are family friendly with plenty of games to play for adults and children alike. Enjoy a quick one or hang out for the day.


Current Times

While we still offer a laid back and casual experience we have temporarily moved to table service in order to aid with social distancing.

If you're looking to dine in, please wait at the host stand to be seated. We are currently in the Red Zone as a region which means that we are limited to 10 customers at a time for dine in service. In addition to this, there are also currently heightened restrictions in place in the Niagara Region. Groups are restricted to household members and/or a maximum of two persons essential to maintaining physical or mental health. We are also recording contact information for every patron and performing a verbal questionnaire to ensure that you are free of COVID symptoms.

If you would like to make a reservation, please give us a call at the brewery. You can also place food orders to go over the phone with a predetermined pickup time. If you are just looking for beer to go, you can pop by any time and we'll get you in and out quickly.

Please bring a mask when you come to the brewery and be patient with us as we navigate these tumultuous times and strive to continue to provide the best customer experience possible.