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Pure | Pilsner | 4.8% ABV | 16oz

Clean, crisp, and all kinds of refreshing with a soft floral hop character.
Growler Fills:  $9/32oz  |  $17/64oz


Flow | Hazy Pale Ale w/ Citra, Ekaunot & Centennial | 5.2% ABV | 16oz

Juicy orange and peach abound supported by notes of tangerine, melon and grapefruit zest.
Growler Fills:  $10/32oz  |  $18/64oz


Mind Riot | Hazy Pale Ale w/ Nelson Sauvin & Mosaic | 5.2% ABV | 16oz

A fresh blast of white grape, blueberry, lychee, mango and lemon with an underlying dankness lingering in the background.
Growler Fills:  $10/32oz  |  $18/64oz


Wild World | Hazy IPA w/ Citra, Mosaic & Azacca Cryo | 6.5% ABV | 13oz

Light and fruity, showcasing a vibrant array of orange, peach, blueberry, pineapple and grapefruit.
Growler Fills:   $12/32oz  |  $20/64oz


Talking To The Moon | Hazy IPA w/ Simcoe & Motueka | 6.5% ABV | 13oz

A medley of fresh citrus upfront - tangerine, pink grapefruit, clementine and lemon-lime rounded out with sweeter notes of tropical fruit and mixed berries.
Growler Fills:   $12/32oz  |  $20/64oz


Master Of Puppets | Hazy IPA w/ Citra & Rakau | 6.5% ABV | 13oz

Juicy and massively fruit forward, displaying flavours of fresh pressed passionfruit, cantaloupe, ruby red grapefruit, apricot and mango.
Growler Fills:   $12/32oz  |  $20/64oz


Across The Universe | Hazy IPA w/ Nectaron, Rakua & Simcoe | 6.5% ABV | 13oz

Drinks like fresh pressed juice, dripping with passionfruit, nectarine, mango, pineapple and peach with a pillowy body and soft, zesty bitterness.
Growler Fills:   $12/32oz  |  $20/64oz


Rhythm | Hazy Double IPA w/ Galaxy & Citra | 8.2% ABV | 13oz

A juice filled wave of peach, orange, pineapple and passion fruit with some bitter grapefruit pith interwoven throughout.
Growler Fills:   $13/32oz  |  $22/64oz


Restless Dreams| Hazy Double IPA w/ Citra & Riwaka | 8.2% ABV | 13oz

Straight tropical fruit nectar with big passionfruit, guava and mango upfront followed by notes of peach, lime zest and pineapple.
Growler Fills:   $13/32oz  |  $22/64oz


Bounty Roller | Oatmeal Stout w/ Cacao, Coconut, Vanilla & Lactose | 6.0% ABV | 13oz

We took our roasty silky oatmeal stout brewed with lactose and conditioned it on shredded coconut, cacao nibs and vanilla. The result is a liquid Bounty bar.
Growler Fills:   $13/32oz  |  $22/64oz


Blender (Blueberry Peach) | Fruited Sour w/ Lemon Zest, Vanilla & Lactose | 5.0% ABV | 16oz

A tart and fruity cocktail of blueberry and peach that plays beautifully off of the fresh citrus and creamy vanilla additions.
Growler Fills:   $13/32oz  |  $22/64oz


Hypnotize (Raspberry Blueberry Grapefruit) | Fruited Sour | 5.5% ABV | 16oz

Tart and snappy with loads of jammy raspberry and blueberry upfront followed by citrusy grapefruit playing more of a supporting role.
Growler Fills:   $12/32oz  |  $20/64oz


Pours $8.5, Flights $14 (4x5oz pours)


Growler Policy: Please bring in clean glassware only for fills. We'll fill 32oz and 64oz growlers from our brewery or any others. If you don't have glassware you can buy some here to fill and it's yours to keep and maintain.


On Premise Cans 


Zombie (Blackcurrant, Mango, Coconut Cream) |  Smoothie Sour | 5.5% ABV | 473mL | $11.50

A fun combination of flavours that strike a really nice balance of richness and acidity. 


On premise pricing, see "Bottle Shop" for cans to go.